July 18, 2024

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is home to having some of the best grazing lands in the Midwest, including the famous Flint Hills region. is the perfect location for your to sustain your and livestock water and nutrient needs. About View All Properties

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Executive Summary. The Spring Creek , owned by the same family for nearly 80 years, is now being offered for sale. Comprised of 10,793± acres of deeded land with predominantly native tallgrasses in the heart of the widely known Flint Hills, this is a combination cow/calf and stocker operation that was designed to operate at a very efficient level.

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Schrader is located between the Flint Hills and the Smoky Hills on the western edge of tall grass prairie in Central . The operation relies on the forage grown in its native pasture, as stock piled standing grass is used for winter feed. For the most part, hay is only used when there is excessive snow cover. Heifers are calved in …

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The tall grass prairie of the Flint Hills provides food for , and on the Ferrell , wind to power 50 turbines. The 7, 000 -acre in Beaumont, was started by Pete Ferrell’s great-grandfather in 1888. But ranching is hard work, and success is dependent on the weather, so in the 1920 s, Ferrell’s grandfather sold leases …

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Not one for a long day’s work, but still want to enjoy farms and . Try our farm-to-table options and enjoy locally grown and sourced food prepared right on location! Experience ranching and farming in ! Explore these working farms and and try your hand at being a real-life cowboy/cowgirl on the open prairie.

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A recent survey of data includes approximately 100,000 acres of for sale in , which was valued at a combined $196 million. The average price of for sale in is $1.1 million. whitetail deer, turkey, quail, dove, geese, pheasant and ducks are among the typical game species that can be found on …

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rock hill . In this video feature, discover how one father uses the day-to-day events from working with to teach his children valuable life lessons. Also, find out what percentage of beef farms in and the United States are family-owned and operated. The answer might surprise you. Learn More.

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Lyons is located in the Flint Hills of , one of the most productive native grazing areas in the world. We are blessed to have three generations of the Lyons and Langvardt family working together to serve the beef industry and raise the Angus cattle we love.